Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My students in print!

Okay, I suppose this has happened to the more high profile blogs-in-education types before, but being quoted in a national article is new to me.

It's fun to see my name in print alongside Tim Wilson, Anne Davis, and Will Richardson. All three of these people have been wonderful guides down the tech integration path.

What is even more fun, though, is seeing my students get recognition for their hard work and willingness to try something new by using blogs in the classroom.

Enough giggling, now back to work.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Life 2.0

Doug Johnson was cleaning up odd-n-ends over at Blue Skunk Blog when he threw out this little bit:
Relationship advice for guys: If your wife accuses you of being uncommunicative, do NOT say "Just read my blog." Trust me on this.

Certainly sound advice. My wife wouldn't find such a comment helpful, either.

But I wonder how long this will be the case. MySpace, and similar social networks, are growing in popularity. Today's teens are tomorrow's married couples; how will web 2.0 shape life 2.0? A good marriage is all about communication, afterall. Will children check in via the family wiki, updating their after school plans so Dad knows when to pick them up after soccer practice?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Student Ownership

I was being interviewed today for an article on using blogs in the classroom (my first interview, very exciting) when the reporter asked whether or not I felt having students identified by only their initials hurt their sense of ownership or voice. I hadn't considered that aspect of the identification issue before.

Upon reflection, I don't think using initials instead of first names makes a difference for my students. At least, I see their personalities, their voices, in their blog enteries, but I do have the advantage of working with them every day. As for ownership, I'm still not sure. I need to ask them.