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  • The creation of a more robust electronic environment that is economically sustainable and contains independent sources for civic, cultural and socially conscious content will pave the way for a more democratic society both on and offline. Organizations and models that are making it a priority to shape our digital future are already emerging.

    tags: social studies, democracy, curriculum

    • Freecycle is an amazing community. My wife uses this frequently. - post by mjclausen
    • A web service for sharing and exploring information about neighborhoods, serves 63 cities, and 3217 neighborhoods in the U.S.
      • Could be a neat project for schools/classes to develop their own community info. - post by mjclausen
    • Using the latest technology, Avaaz.org empowers ordinary people from every corner of the globe to directly contact key global decision-makers, corporations and the media.
    • Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.
    • The new free wiki encyclopedia of arguments and debates. As a "wiki", it enables anyone (you included) to easily present and organize the unique arguments made by third-party sources (ie. by scholars, experts, leaders,...) on both sides of a debate.
    • The "citizen's encyclopedia on Congress" that anyone— including you—can edit.
    • Gaming
    • Find out about the pollution problems in your community and learn who is responsible.
    • ibiblio.org is a conservancy of freely available information, including software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies.
    • An international organization - led by youth and empowered by technology. TakingITGlobal connects youth around the world to find inspiration, information and get involved in improving their local and global communities.
    • Digital Youth, UC Berkeley
      This project works to address this gap with a targeted set of ethnographic investigations into three emergent modes of informal learning that young people are practicing using new media technologies: communication, learning, and play.
    • Institute for Politics Democracy & the Internet, George Washington University
      Its mission is to promote the use of the Internet and new communication technologies in politics to enhance democratic values, encourage citizen participation and improve governance, at home and abroad; in short, to “democratize democracy.

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Colorado Filtering Clearinghouse - CIPA Compliance Guide

tags: cipa, internet safety, internet_filter, onlinesafety

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - Teacher e-mails made public

tags: email, privacy, professional development, tech_and_society

Almost a year after asking for the documents, a Vesper man's request will be honored for e-mail messages from the workstations of five Wisconsin Rapids School District teachers.

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    Today in History

    tags: American history, curriculum, history, loc, social studies

    American Memory project from the Library of Congress

    CMA : Asian Odyssey

    tags: art, asia, culture, curriculum, social studies

    Asian Odyssey is a three-year project (June 2002 - June 2005) to advance the study of Asian Art and culture in K-12 curriculum by creating a model curriculum and program that is accessible to a national and international audiences via distance learning and the museum's web site.

    English Teaching Strategies

    tags: English, curriculum, language arts, strategies, teaching

    English Teacher Resources: Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies

    ESR - Educators for Social Responsibility

    tags: curriculum, social studies

    As a leading national center for teaching about conflict and social responsibility, ESR has been providing effective and credible resources for teaching important current issues for over 20 years. Our Online Teacher Center provides teaching resources on a range of issues related to international security, conflict resolution, peacemaking, violence prevention, and social responsibility.

    About.com Education

    tags: curriculum, foreign language, world language

    scroll down for language links

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    tags: flip, fun, humor, tools

    turns text upside down and backwards

      Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition (Assimilação Natural - o Construtivismo no Ensino de Línguas)

      tags: curriculum, foreign language, language acquisition, world language

      KnowledgeWorks - Map of Future Forces Affecting Education - Home

      tags: education, future, learning, politics, tech_and_society, technology, transforming_teaching, web2.0

      Cable in the Classroom - Threshold Magazine - Spring 2008

      tags: 2008, tech_and_society, threshold, transforming_teaching

      Global Warming Skeptic Organizations

      tags: climate change, skeptic, special interest groups

      List of prominent groups organized to refute the science of global warming

      World Language Learning Materials

      tags: curriculum, foreign language, materials, world language

      Today's spies find secrets in plain sight - USATODAY.com  Annotated

      tags: information, internet safety, onlinesafety, privacy

      Agencies dedicated to covert information are increasinly turning to open networks.

      "Open source is the world of the future."
        open-source information
          main use is to "add perspective and context" to material gathered through classified means.
            Additionally, he says, such information helps officials better focus classified missions on material that can't be obtained elsewhere. "Increasingly … we are asked to look at open source first, then show the added value we get by applying (classified) assets."
              "Now, counterintelligence is a problem for everyone who has secrets to keep and … lives on a network," Brenner says. "And that's all of us."

                ed4wb » Education for Well-being

                tags: ed4wb, education, transforming_teaching, video

                Education as if people and the planet mattered