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Today in History

tags: American history, curriculum, history, loc, social studies

American Memory project from the Library of Congress

CMA : Asian Odyssey

tags: art, asia, culture, curriculum, social studies

Asian Odyssey is a three-year project (June 2002 - June 2005) to advance the study of Asian Art and culture in K-12 curriculum by creating a model curriculum and program that is accessible to a national and international audiences via distance learning and the museum's web site.

English Teaching Strategies

tags: English, curriculum, language arts, strategies, teaching

English Teacher Resources: Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies

ESR - Educators for Social Responsibility

tags: curriculum, social studies

As a leading national center for teaching about conflict and social responsibility, ESR has been providing effective and credible resources for teaching important current issues for over 20 years. Our Online Teacher Center provides teaching resources on a range of issues related to international security, conflict resolution, peacemaking, violence prevention, and social responsibility. Education

tags: curriculum, foreign language, world language

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