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turns text upside down and backwards

    Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition (Assimilação Natural - o Construtivismo no Ensino de Línguas)

    tags: curriculum, foreign language, language acquisition, world language

    KnowledgeWorks - Map of Future Forces Affecting Education - Home

    tags: education, future, learning, politics, tech_and_society, technology, transforming_teaching, web2.0

    Cable in the Classroom - Threshold Magazine - Spring 2008

    tags: 2008, tech_and_society, threshold, transforming_teaching

    Global Warming Skeptic Organizations

    tags: climate change, skeptic, special interest groups

    List of prominent groups organized to refute the science of global warming

    World Language Learning Materials

    tags: curriculum, foreign language, materials, world language

    Today's spies find secrets in plain sight - USATODAY.com  Annotated

    tags: information, internet safety, onlinesafety, privacy

    Agencies dedicated to covert information are increasinly turning to open networks.

    "Open source is the world of the future."
      open-source information
        main use is to "add perspective and context" to material gathered through classified means.
          Additionally, he says, such information helps officials better focus classified missions on material that can't be obtained elsewhere. "Increasingly … we are asked to look at open source first, then show the added value we get by applying (classified) assets."
            "Now, counterintelligence is a problem for everyone who has secrets to keep and … lives on a network," Brenner says. "And that's all of us."

              ed4wb » Education for Well-being

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              Education as if people and the planet mattered

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