Saturday, November 27, 2004

Entering the Blogosphere

Hello World!

I have never been an early adopter of anything, but I do love technology and what it can do to give people a greater voice. So, now that blogs have been around for a bit and they appear to be sticking around, I have decided to play around with one and see what it is like.

I have been reading a few blogs for about three months now. My ongoing favorite is Aaron Swartz' blog. His frank, honest discussions of life now that he has started college are quite refreshing and remind me of what was going on in my head as a freshman. A true shame I didn't have the technology (or nerve ) to publish like this when I was in college.

My foray into blogs, though, is with a different purpose in mind. I see blogs as a wonderful, powerful way for my students to be heard beyond the walls of the classroom. I want them to start blogging, to extend and participate in conversations about what they are learning. But, before I can help them reach out into the ether and communicate, I need to know how it all works, so here I am.

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