Friday, December 10, 2004

Potentials and Pendulums

I have come to realize I am more excited about the potential for blogs than anything in education for quite some time. so many technologies, strategies, methods, etc. show promise but fail to truly transform the nature of education. The pendulum swings--adopting and discarding--will edublogs be just another edufad, like open classrooms?

The energy behind blogs is certainly authentic, and good things are happening. Can this energy, however, be sustained over the long run; will blogs be transformative enough to reshape the read/write pedagogy sufficiently enough to exist more than a few years in more than a few classrooms? The blogvangelists will certainly say yes, but many of those in the cult of blog are highly comfortable with technology. Not all in teaching are. Certainly, this will change as the generations growing up with computers enter the field, but comfort is not the only thing to hold back innovations, to keep them from becoming the norm.

I'm not certain what factors will come into play, but entire buildings were designed with open classrooms that were eventually walled up.

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BillyBudd said...

Matt, the blogosphere is huge, fluid and honest. Whatever info you are looking for is out there. It will be challenged and cannot escape scrutiny. Welcome and enjoy. If you want to know where to find the cream of the crop stop by.