Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Process of a Podcast

I tried a little off the cuff podcasting yesterday using just a rough outline. Boy did I suck. I'm a talker, but trying to think, come across as intelligent, and form smooth complete sentences was more than I could handle on my first run through.

Breathing was a challenge, too. I just couldn't relax my diaphram, so I kept talking to the point of gasping.

Much of this all comes down to practice, something I need to keep in mind when trying to do audio work with students. Scripts, practice, time for editing all need to be part of the equation, both in my planning and in my conversations with students. Slapping something together last minute just isn't an option for creating a quality product.

Part of the classroom use will be mini due dates. When do various pieces of the production need to be in by so the whole project can be assembled in a timely manner?

Good thing I love learning by doing. There is still much to figure out.

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andrewodom said...

i have tried a couple of podcast formulas. it seems that what i find interesting is not very interesting afterall. i have breathing issues too. i get excited about what i am saying and then the communication to the listener actually suffers as i tend to pop my "p"s or use long, overly-confusing sentences. let me know if you conquer this.