Monday, September 17, 2007

Phases of Online Development

Came across this table while researching electronic portfolios. These phases seem reminiscent of my entry into blogging.

In my own experience, the phases are fluid. I will get comfortable publishing on a specific topic, or with a specific technology, but find myself returning to anxiety when I step outside the usual fair (there's a reason I've done exactly one podcast ). However, each back slide is briefer and less intense; the more I work at blogging, the more comfortable working at the boundaries becomes.

Now that I am doing more to promote using online tools, I've certainly seen the anxiety and uncertainty in others, too, as they consider the implications of publishing online. Part of providing support and encouragement to my colleagues and students is remembering this anxiety as I work to encourage engaging in online publishing.

Table from Developing Digital Portfolios for Childhood Education by Marja Kankaanranta. 2002.

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Clay Burell said...

That's such an interesting cycle, isn't it? Or maybe "cyclical progression" or "spiral" is a better word. Yeah - spiral. You definitely rise with time in one way or another.

Hey, do you know of any web-based group calendar open to all members to add input?