Saturday, October 18, 2008

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  • In preparation for this post I did a little research on going textbook free and I also talked with the Junior High Social Studies teacher at our school who has moved to a textbook free classroom. What I want to offer here are some observations about why we are moving in this direction.

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  • With our district’s website overhaul out of the way, our sights are now set on ePortfolios. Our goals:

    * 100% coverage of certified staff by the end of the 09-10 school year
    * 100% of our students at the middle school maintaining them with the transfer to high school as 8th graders promote each year
    * Utilization of ePortfolios as evidence of staff mastery of state and federal technology application standards; future reporting to SBEC
    * Utilization of ePortfolios as evidence of student mastery of state an

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  • Does anyone know of some superintendents who are podcasting? If so, would you drop a URL and/or some contact info in the comments area for this post? Doug Johnson and I are looking for some examples that we can show other superintendents…

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  • David Warlick has four things the POTUS ought to know about making U.S. schools better.

    Last month I posted a manifesto of sorts to my Web site. I was following a meme started by a group of other edubloggers called "Five things policymakers ought to know!" T&L editors asked me to tweak it a bit to give our next President some big-picture twenty-first-century education advice. Here's my take.

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    • The greatest gain will come from the collective
      knowledge and experience of the
      education community. Infrastructure
      must be invented and implemented that
      cultivates an ongoing professional conversation
      across the entire education
      • I like this quote; how do we do this well within even just within a building or district? - post by mjclausen

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