Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well, that was disappointing

I'm bummed. No one showed up for my first session at MEA--Creating a Personal Learning Network. Fortunately, I only live 10 blocks or so away, so it was easy to run home for lunch.

Some of the factors that may have contributed were out of my control. The time slot was 10 am to 1 pm; crossing over the lunch hour may have killed some interest outright. The location was a bit out of the way. Most of the sessions are being held in the high school, but a few sessions are in the College of Technology, which is across the parking lot. It isn't all that far away, but on a gray day in October, it may be just far enough.

However, I wonder if my title and blurb weren't catchy enough for the general education crowd. When I offered this session at an ed-tech conference, I had a packed house. But I'm wondering if the title isn't clear enough for the non-tech types, which is who I wanted to attract (of course, it probably didn't help that the title in the quick list of sessions was "Creating a Personal Learning N...").

So, the next time I present a session like this during a general education conference, I need to put more thought into my audience. As much as I am tired of the terms, perhaps "web 2.0", or even just internet, still needs to be in the title.

Part 2 of the workshop is from 2-5 (and wasn't even listed in the quick list); I'm curious to see if anyone shows up.

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