Saturday, October 11, 2008

MEA days presentation

This coming week includes our two days of Montana Education Association professional development, and on Thursday, I will be presenting two sessions on using web 2.0.

The first is focusing on RSS, social bookmarking, and RSS aggregators. I've got three hours, and I'm hoping that is enough time to introduce these concepts, get teachers set up with a tool or two, and provide time for guided practice using the tools.

The second session is largely about blogging, but I am hoping to work in some Twitter and an intro to Classroom 2.0. Again, I'm hoping to have time during the three hours to provide plenty of opportunities to use the tools while we are there as a group to work through any issues that pop up. We'll see how far we get.

My big goal for Thursday is to keep the focus on the personal use of these tools. It will be interesting to see what the participants find useful and how they choose to use the tools.

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